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Colorful, Fun, Safe Playground

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Colorful, Fun, Safe Playground

Whether you’re staying at the Lodge at Port Arrowhead for business or pleasure, for a conference or wedding, bringing your children along has never been more exciting. Our colorful, fun, safe playground has room for more than a dozen children to play at any given time.
At the Lake of the Ozarks, we take our fun seriously. From adventure golf to parasailing, there are all kinds of wild adventures to appeal to our littlest visitors. But at the Lodge, we wanted to make sure there was something close and familiar so Moms and Dads aren’t overrun by itty bitty adrenaline junkies.
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What could be better than rocking on a bright green frog, a vibrant purple tractor, or vivid green pooch? Unless it’s climbing across bold red monkey bars or sliding down brash yellow slides. Or maybe a heated battle on the fiery blue see-saw.

There’s plenty of room to run, scream like a banshee, and let the day’s tensions fly away. And there’s plenty of space for the kids, too! While your kids make new friends in line for the climbing tower, you can make new parent buddies watching them. 

While we take fun seriously at the Lodge, we take safety even more seriously. On the playground, that’s even more important. You won’t find any hard edges in the playground. No spaces to squish little fingers. And no hard ground to land on if our shortest visitors should happen to fall. 
When your Lake of the Ozarks visit brings you to the Lodge at Port Arrowhead, we take you and your family’s comfort and joy into account. That’s why, when we revamped the Lodge three years ago, we installed a colorful, fun, safe playground for your favorite kids to enjoy.

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